TaQadam is and will always be driven by double bottom line.


At TaQadam, we champion global economic inclusion by bringing dignified 'work of the future' to the youth in the post-conflict states. We are champions of Ethics of AI. We bring diversity to reduce bias in building an AI-powered world.


At TaQadam, we strive to improve companies’ journey to deploy visual AI. To be competitive in AI, innovation depends on having data-edge often more than technology-edge. We are committed to matching clients’ data journey to build ML models and optimise the image annotation process.


We leverage partnerships in countries to build a holistic model of human development for our agents. We recruit youth from the UN/NGO programming and give an opportunity for income generation. But TaQadam is only the beginning. We buy them the time: to learn, upskill, progress. We take them away from streets and informal, exploitative markets.

Human - Centered Design Innovation


We interviewed 100+ young millenials in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq and learnt about their challenges,  skills, and interests


Mapped and learnt from existing aid programmes on workforce development, livelihoods, digital trainings and engagement of youth


Assessed the entrepreneurship landscape, digital readiness, and feasibility (internet access & penetration rates, payment systems)


Matched the growing business need in image annotation on demand.

Our first pilot country is Lebanon, because


37% of youth unemployment in Lebanon. The economy needs to generate 6 times more jobs to accommodate regular market entrants.


Youth-at-risk (refugees and from the host community) participated in UN/NGO-rendered digital skills trainings


Less than 1% of the working age refugees have work permits. Digital jobs are the only option to have a dignified work

Gamified, flexible and remote work on a smartphone?

  • Many refugees lack verified educational credentials.
  • To solve it, we collaborate with UN/NGOs to outreach, vet and bring on board only vetted, educated agents.
  • Less than 50% of people are banked, refugees are mostly unbanked.
  • To solve it, we established digital partnership with Western Union agent to allow cash-out using a mobile device.
  • Smartphone penetration is high, with nearly 100% prevalence among youth.
  • We know, that mobile work fits our youth better, as regardless of their income status they will choose unlimited data package.