Meet our team

We believe diversity and commitment to a social mission is the key to our success. We bring a good combination of skills in business, social impact, technology and AI to the table.

Karina Grosheva
CEO & Social Impact
Karina is a social entrepreneur and a former UN consultant on private sector development and innovation. Karina is an experienced management consultant, transaction specialist and auditor. Karina has an MPA from NYU, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant
Kevin Nguyen
Machine Learning Engineer
Kevin is a machine learning engineer focused on building datasets for smarter cities. Outside of work he spends his free time on projects that promote open data. A former program evaluator, he is a graduate of NYU, USC and UCLA.
Wisam Naji
Wisam is an experienced software developer. He focuses on computer-machine interfaces using AI and Android development. Wisam is an experienced aerospace engineer, specialised in power generation and renewable energy.
Roy Andraos
Marketing & Communication
Roy leads marketing and communication at TaQadam. He is a former digital marketing consultant to the UN and focuses on interface design (UI/UX). Roy is a graduate of UCL.
Pamela Wang
Design Intern
Pamela is a UI design intern. She is currently a student at Wellesley College. She has a genuine interest in tech design and its potential social impact around the world.
Sendus Majanni
Community Manager
Sendus is an honored student at the American University of Beirut, majoring in Physics. Sendus has completed more than 200 hours of coding.