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We build analytical solutions with
validated geo-data using Computer Vision

We build training data on demand for
your Computer Vision solution

TaQadam is a startup that aims to democratize GEO-AI and scale Computer Vision with high-quality ML training data.
We develop imagery solutions for market intelligence, monitoring and measuring of business risks and vulnerabilities.

How We Work

Alternative Data Sets for Your Business

Prospecting & Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence Platform AI , AI Data Business Solutions
  • Semantic segmentation
      -Create project - >  -Upload images - >Create attributes - >
    "name": "Semantic Segmentation street view driving",
    "desc": "Scene recognition and detection of road, driving lanes, cars and other vehicles, pedestrians",
    "task_type_id": 2,
    "attributes": {bus, road, emergency lane, driving lane, buildings, traffic light, car, car windshield, car plate, bike, bycicle, pedestrian }


  • Bounding boxes
    Create project – > Upload images – >Create attributes – >

    “name”: “Airport – object tracking”,
    “desc”: “Object recogntion – at airports”,
    “task_type_id”: 1,
    “attributes”: {airplane #1, airplane #2}


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