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Image Annotation Products

  • Project Semantic Segmentation
    name: "Street view camera Traffic optimization",
    task_type_id: "1",
    attributes: {"background", "bus", "car", "bike", "road"}
  • Project Object Detection
    name: "Aerial camera view airport tracking",
    task_type_id: "2",
    attributes: {"airplane", "airport equipment"}
    attributes #2: {"Boeing", "Airbus"}
  • Project Area Polygons
    name: "Drone camera port freight size -port Casablanca"
    task_type_id: "3",
    attributes: {"container",  "freight ship", "crane"}
  • Project Drive map for autonomous driving 
    name: "City Traffic Camera drive",
    task_type_id: "4",
    attributes: {"driving lane", "emergency lane", "border"}
  • Project Infrastructure Mapping  
    name: "Satellite Imagery over Kisumu county"
    task_type_id: "5",
    "image-level attributes": {"School", "Hospital", "Empty tile"}
  • Project Mapping Infrastructure 
    name: "Aerial mapping of infrastructure North-East USA"
    task_type_id: "Geo-JSON",
    attributes: {"container"}
    coordinates: {"x,y,z"}
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