AI and Future of Work

Artificial Intelligence brings us the jobs of tomorrow. It is mapping new economies, boosting data needs in robotics, drones and satellite imagery analytics, autonomous driving, and security cameras monitoring

 With this fast growing market demand for quality AI training data, TaQadam champions AI and Future of Work. To meet high quality annotation demands, we offer a complete solution:  Trained Teams recruited through partnerships with NGOs, developed  Image Annotation Tool and Data Management Platform.

How TaQadam makes jobs in AI data training accessible?

  • Smat Phone App
  • Mobile Wallet Pay
  • E-learning Training

TaQadam is a social enterprise with the mission to champion AI and Future of work. We believe that growth of AI applications will transform the realities of global youth unemployment. In the digital domain and with remote management, our annotators learn basics of data science, principles of machine learning, and quality control processes. 

We partner on the ground with NGOs and Training Centers: Acted (Lebanon), Touch Innovation Program (Lebanon), Preemptive Love Coalition (Iraq)


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