Image Annotation company with a complete solution on AI data training  and Geospatial Analysis for AI

Trained Teams

Our annotation teams are remote. Trained and recruited through our partnerships in the Middle East. With gamification and communication channels they deliver fast quality annotation

Image Annotation Tool

Custom mobile accessible annotation tool allowing high precision when drawing polygons and bounding boxes, optimized for pixel-level semantic image segmentation

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform and API are used by clients to systematically upload imagery, monitor results and optimize the training, testing and validation cycles in machine learning

Why TaQadam?

TaQadam is a complete solution for machine learning engineers.  Our image annotation tools and processes were developed in a continuous iteration, while annotating more than two million images. We mastered precision, quality control process, and customized output design.  
Above all, our annotation teams developed expertise the projects with street view  and security cameras, satellite and drone imagery, robotics and autonomous driving.  
We  offer on-demand pricing model  allowing customers to optimize data training cycle to their needs. This way our offer fit to all clients from  AI startups to large technology providers.

Our Story

“Taqadam” means “progress” in Arabic. Our story starts with an unmatched business need in data training for AI and massive youth unemployment in the Middle East.  


Our Vision is to be the affordable and innovative image annotation company. We aspire to provide a complete solution in training computer vision models, with easy to customize tools for a start up and for a large research project.


 Our Mission is to champion AI and Future of Work movement. We aspire to build the fast growing network of youth teams globally with the partners. And, hence, extend the economic opportunities and bring dignified living. 

Our Partners

C5 Taqadam partner

Participated at C5 Accelerate in Washington DC in 2018

Supported with innovative ideas of Peacetech lab

image annotation company taqadam partner

Member and winner of 2018 challenge in employment

Media about TaQadam

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