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TaQadam means Progress. TaQadam is a female founded startup that aims to advance economic opportunity for youth and democratize GEO-AI. TaQadam develops  imagery solutions for market intelligence, monitoring and measuring of business risks and vulnerabilities.

Taqadam founders
TaQadam Founders: Karina Grosheva, Kevin van Nguyen

Value Proposition

We provide accurate data that enhances the ability of companies, governments and non-governmental organizations to manage programs, measure risks, design marketing strategies, and optimize value chains. We develop datasets by combining computer vision with human validated image annotation and maps.



 We believe the development of a global map of physical assets and infrastructure is essential in today’s context.
Identifying assets (e.g. mines, farm equipment, schools) and their features (e.g. cooling, water tanks, construction materials) is a way to build alternative data for sustainable growth and risk mitigation. Extending
 an economic opportunity to disadvantaged youth through our image annotation work is at the core of our business.

In less than one year we have annotated more than two million images. 

We are now developing datasets for Insurance, Energy and Agriculture.

We are advancing our Image Annotation for Computer Vision with: Bounding Boxes, Polygons, Semantic Segmentation and Line Annotation.

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