Satellite Imagery Analysis

Streaming libraries and products, annotation and computer vision for a complete satellite imagery analysis solution

Satellite Imagery is often large and  requires additional processing for annotation. The imagery stored in the formats that are not adapted for any annotation tool, therefore, we implemented the workflow for conversion of formats without a loss of required meta data. TaQadam image annotation tool has a native tile service support, allowing annotation both on map (x,y,z) and with scrapped tiles converted to image chips.  We work with client’s  imagery on NDA, and with our own streaming service, machine learning tools, allowing  cost-efficient data set collection, and geospatial analytics. 

Our Satellite Imagery Library and Streaming Service

satellite imagery analyis airbus taqadam

One Atlas - Airbus

Frequently updated image library with 1.5m and 0.5m resolution, global coverage, RGB, in GeoTIFF, JPEG2000 and WMTS

SecureWatch Digital globe Satellite imagery analysis taqadam

Secure Watch - Maxar

Latest imagery map tile service streaming and subscription at 0.3 resolution, RGB, with WFS standard satellite imagery metadata


Imagery archive published by USDA at 1m to 0.5m resolution available across USA at selected States, collected during "growing" season

OSM Mapbox taqadam

OSM Mapbox

Free satellite imagery layer available and maintained at Open Street Map, WMS service, with varying resolution and dates

TaQadam in the GEO-AI space

We are excited to be first in the space of geospatial analytics startups to “democratize” the data set collection with satellite imagery analysis. Our vision is to make insights and signals from space accessible to more companies

TaQadam: Making Visual Data AI-Ready

Image Annotation company with a complete solution on AI data training:
Image annotation toolData Management Platform and Trained Teams
  • Quality Assured Annotation
  • Managed Teams
  • Standard or Custom Data Output
  • Industry Specific Expertise
  • Data Management Platform
  • No Project Management Fee
  • Security and Non-Disclosure
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