Image Annotation Products

  • Project Semantic Segmentation
    name: "Street view camera Traffic optimization",
    task_type_id: "1",
    attributes: {"background", "bus", "car", "bike", "road"}
  • Project Object Detection
    name: "Aerial camera view airport tracking",
    task_type_id: "2",
    attributes: {"airplane", "airport equipment"}
    attributes #2: {"Boeing", "Airbus"}
  • Project Area Polygons
    name: "Drone camera port freight size -port Casablanca"
    task_type_id: "3",
    attributes: {"container",  "freight ship", "crane"}
  • Project Drive map for autonomous driving 
    name: "City Traffic Camera drive",
    task_type_id: "4",
    attributes: {"driving lane", "emergency lane", "border"}
  • Project Infrastructure Mapping  
    name: "Satellite Imagery over Kisumu county"
    task_type_id: "5",
    "image-level attributes": {"School", "Hospital", "Empty tile"}
  • Project Mapping Infrastructure 
    name: "Aerial mapping of infrastructure North-East USA"
    task_type_id: "Geo-JSON",
    attributes: {"container"}
    coordinates: {"x,y,z"}

Test, train and Validate AI Model with TaQadam

How it Works

Our team works with machine learning engineers to design the full cycle of AI data training:

 Step 1Co-designing annotation tags, custom attribute system to optimize the classes trained for AI. 

Step 2. Finding  the secure and reliable image exchange options which best fits client’s requirement and volumes.  Available on TaQadam Platform or API.

Step 3. Setting up necessary team quality control process, with a live client access  to comment and guide. Available on TaQadam Platform. 

We work on complex AI image solutions to companies with focus on Geospatial analysis, Industrial AutomationAnomaly Detection and Autonomous Driving.
 Image Classification, Lines, Boxes and Segmentation products

TaQadam: Making Visual Data AI-Ready

Image Annotation company with a complete solution on AI data training:
Image annotation tool, Data Management Platform and Trained Teams
  • Quality Assured Annotation
  • Managed Teams
  • Standard or Custom Data Output
  • Industry Specific Expertise
  • Data Management Platform
  • No Project Management Fee
  • Security and Non-Disclosure

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Machine Learning Data Labeling: Inclusive Business?

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