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Why AI and Geospatial Analysis for Corporate Data Intelligence?

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Geospatial Imagery Analysis Products

Geospatial Industry is a special use case, where the imagery is also tagged for location. Which creates a set of different formats used to serve the use cases, yet the mapping techniques image annotation remain the same. Whether you annotate with lines and splines for building route system for drones or detect roads from aerial imagery, the process is the same, but every annotation point gets recorded at x, y, z and have coordinates.
We use our Image Annotation tools for 2D boxes, Lines, Polygons to produce data sets stored in GeoJSON.
Our tools are customized for drones imagery  and satellite imagery processing, and includes coordinates collection, image streaming from selected sources, pre-processing and optimization for annotation and Machine Learning, and format interoperability. 
Polygon Annotation: Physical  Footprint

Industries: Geospatial Imagery Analysis Applications

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